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2007 AM - Annual Symposium : Concept notes


The Concept Notes for the 2007 Annual Meeting Seminars (AMS) are crafted around the theme: Africa and Asia: Partners in Development. The choice of this theme is based on the fact that Africa is now deepening its engagement with Asia, which is underscored largely by a surge in investments and trade between the two continents. Trade relations between Africa and Asia is now almost at par with Africa’s trade with the US and the European Union put together, which are Africa’s traditional trading partners. This increasing engagement of Africa with Asia presents a rare opportunity for Africa to hasten its international integration and growth. Given the complexity of the issues surrounding Asia’s engagement with Africa, there is a need for dialogue and discussion of the challenges associated with this growing partnership, which will be the overriding theme for the 2007 Annual Meetings Seminars. The hosting of the ADB Annual Meetings in China also provides a unique opportunity and the right forum to further reflect on these issues. This theme is timely and of international dimension, and enables the Bank to attract renowned keynote speakers on the issues.

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