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Say No to Famine - Revised Version


Somalia and South Sudan are in urgent need of assistance with more than half of the population of Somalia (6.2 million people) and more than 40% of the population of South Sudan (5.5 million people) facing starvation. Other areas such as northeastern and coastal Kenya, northern Uganda, south-east Ethiopia are also affected by the ongoing drought and in parts are still recovering from El Nino induced drought of 2015/16. In the North East of Nigeria, more than 5.8 million people face extreme food and nutrition deficits. The situation is rapidly deteriorating and the number of people in need of livelihood and humanitarian emergency assistance is likely to increase as the dry and lean season continues, with significant negative impact on human health, local livelihoods and household assets (essentially livestock) as well as on the food security and nutrition of affected rural communities.

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