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Uganda - Agricultural Value Chain Development Programme (AVCP) – Project 1


The Agricultural Value Chain Development Programme (AVCP) – Project 1 is designed within the context of the National Development Plan II (NDP II) 2015/16-2019/20, which has been designated by Government of Uganda (GoU) as the second of a series of six 5-year NDPs to translate the country’s Vision 2040 into action. The NDP’s core objectives are to increase household income; generate employment; develop the infrastructure; increase access to quality social services; promote science and technology; and develop human capital taking gender equality as prerequisite for accelerating socioeconomic transformation which AVCP is consistent with. The Project’s activities, notably, construction of irrigation infrastructure, value chains development, and export promotion to enhance household incomes, are also consistent with the Government’s Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan (ASSP) 2015/16-2019/20, Gender Policy Brief for Uganda’s Agriculture Sector (2012), the Local Government Sector Strategic Plan (LGSSP) (2013-2023), and, the Uganda Climate Change Policy 2015.

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