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Evaluation Reports

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15-Jan-2014 Synthesis Report on the Review of 2003-2005 - Project Competion Report (PCRs)
15-Jan-2014 2007-2009 - OPEV-Proposed Three-Year Rolling Work Programme Revised
15-Jan-2014 Design and Assistance to the Implementation of a «Results-Based Management and Evaluation System of Development Effectiveness
15-Jan-2014 Benin - National Telecommunications Network Maintenance Improvement Plan - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Togo: The Yegue - Langabou Road
15-Jan-2014 Mali - Country Assistance Evaluation 1994-2004
15-Jan-2014 Process Review of 1995 and 1996 Annual Portfolio Performance Reviews
15-Jan-2014 Congo: Structural Adjustment Programme
15-Jan-2014 OPEV’s Evaluation on Project Supervision - Management Response
15-Jan-2014 Mauritania: Public Enterprise Sector Adjustment Programme (PESAP)
15-Jan-2014 Lesotho - Mpharane-Bela Bela Road Upgrading Project - PPER
15-Jan-2014 1990 Annual Operations Evaluation Report
15-Jan-2014 Madagascar: Analaiva Sugar Project
15-Jan-2014 Water Supply & Sanitation - Review of Bank Experience in Financing Rural Water Supply Projects
15-Jan-2014 2001-2010 - Malawi - Evaluation of Public Financial Management Reform - Final Country Case Study Report
15-Jan-2014 Malawi - Second Rural Health Care - PPER
15-Jan-2014 Democ.Rep.Congo: The N` Djili Water Supply Project
15-Jan-2014 Review of 1988 - Evaluating Results
15-Jan-2014 Suivi-Évaluation axé sur les résultats et les performances - Atelier de formation
15-Jan-2014 Niger: The Kourani - Baria Irrigated Forming Devlopment Project