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Madagascar - Institutional Governance Support Project - Project Completion Report


PAGI’s development objective was to contribute, in consultation with other development partners (TFPs), to the restoration of institutional capacities for better public revenue collection, strengthening of financial governance and transparency in the extractive sector. The project’s objective was relevant and built on the Institutional Good Governance Capacity-Building Project (PRIBG) that ended in 2010. The project was consistent with the 2nd CSP pillar that focused on strengthening public finance management, combating corruption and addressing illicit trafficking. PAGI was consistent with Madagascar's 2007-2012 National Development Strategy objectives, which laid special emphasis on improving governance, including strengthening public finance management (PFM), and combating corruption. In addition, Madagascar adopted a National Good Governance Policy in 2006 and entrusted its implementation to the Independent Anti-Corruption Bureau (BIANCO). The aim of the strategy was to reduce corruption significantly by 2015.
Furthermore, the authorities, meeting at a government workshop on Public Governance in January 2012 reaffirmed the need for good governance, particularly in the area of PFM. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance and Budget (MFB) adopted a short-medium term action plan, which focused on priority activities with a significant impact on improving financial and economic governance to improve PFM.

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