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Policy Documents

10-Feb-2009 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in the Infrastructure Sector
10-Feb-2009 Checklist for Gender Mainstreaming in the Education Sector with a Special Focus on Higher Education, Science and Technology Sub-Sector
02-Feb-2009 Capital Adequacy Framework and Exposure Management Policy
30-Nov-2008 Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF) - Operational Guidelines
03-Nov-2008 Operational Guidelines for Syndication of non-Sovereign Guaranteed Loans
07-May-2008 Bank Group Policy on Non Concessional Debt Accumulation
01-May-2008 Risk Management Policies and Processes
19-Mar-2008 Bank Group Eligible Expenditures Policy
03-Mar-2008 Operations Guidelines of the Fragile States Facility (FSF)
04-Apr-2006 ADF Implementation Modalities of the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative
03-Feb-2006 Revised Financial Guidelines for non-Sovereign Guaranteed Loans
02-Feb-2006 Revised financial guidelines for sovereign guaranteed loans
01-Sep-2005 Operational Guidelines for Agency Lines
01-Aug-2005 Operational Guidelines on User Fees in Health and Education
01-Jun-2004 The Bank Group Guidelines on Communicable Diseases
02-Feb-2004 Guidelines for preventing and combating corruption and fraud in bank group operations
26-Jan-2004 Guidelines for the Implementation of Bank Group’s Policy on Population
29-Sep-2003 Operational Guidelines for Non-Sovereign Guaranted Loans to Public Sector Enterprises
02-Jan-2002 Guidelines for the Use of Risk Management Products
01-Sep-2001 Bank Group Post-conflict Assistance Policy Guidelines