Project Details
ID: P-ZA-FF0-003 Name: XINA SOLAR ONE PROJECT Status: Ongoing Country: South Africa
Sector: Power Approval date: 23-Jun-2014 Task Manager: JABBA Rafael Jose, PESD0
Total cost: 91713225
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
AfDB: 64815114.88
Cofinanced: 26898272.68
Implementing Agency: -- Location: South Africa


Design, construction and operation of a 100 MW concentrating solar power (CSP) plant using parabolic trough technology and a superheated steam cycle with capacity of 1,650 MWh, designed to store energy and to dispatch during the South African peak load demand periods. This facility is located 30km north east of the town of Pofadder in the Khai Ma Municipality in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa (RSA) and it shall be interconnected by Eskom through a 3km transmission line to a nearby existing substation.