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The fiduciary responsibility in its charter requires the African Development Bank to ensure that the proceeds in the projects and programs financed by it are used only for the purposes for which they were granted. The charter also requires that proper attention be paid to economy and efficiency in the procurement processes in Bank funded projects. Accordingly, the Bank prefers the most open competitive procedures for procurement of goods, works and services. Political and other non-economic influences or considerations must not influence procurement in Bank financed projects. The procurement procedures should give fair and equal opportunity to contractors, suppliers and consultants from member countries of the Bank. Transparency is also essential in the procurement process.

The Bank has developed Rules and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works and Rules and Procedures for Recruitment of Consultants that govern Bank financed procurement. To assist borrowers, the Bank has, in collaboration with other Multilateral Development Banks, also developed Standard Bidding Documents that should be used for contracts financed by the Bank.

As a part of its development mandate, the Bank is equally active in supporting the development and reform of public procurement systems in borrower countries. As the expenditure through public contracts is a sizeable portion of Government expenditure, increased efficiency, fairness, transparency and equal opportunity are critical for sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

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14-Nov-2019 Contract Awards - Developing a continental digital and knowledge platform - Continental Nutrition Accountability Scorecard for the ALN Secretariat
14-Nov-2019 GPN - RDC - Projet d’Appui au Développement des Chaînes de Valeur Agricoles dans Six Provinces de la RDC (PADCA-6P)
13-Nov-2019 EOI - Burundi - Ruvyi102 and Mule037 Projects Development Studies
13-Nov-2019 GPN - Sénégal - Projet d’Appui Institutionnel à la Mobilisation des Ressources et à l’Attractivité des Investissements (PAIMRAI)
12-Nov-2019 AMI - Bénin - Mise en œuvre du projet d'électrification rurale de 309 localités en République du Bénin
12-Nov-2019 PPM - Malawi - Multinational Nacala Road Corridor Development Project Phase V
12-Nov-2019 GPN - Gambia - Electricity Access Project
11-Nov-2019 SPN - Mozambique - Supply, Delivery, Installation, Integration and Commissioning of Digital Access Rooms for EDM
11-Nov-2019 SPN - Uganda - Supply of connection materials, ready-boards and Pre-paid metres to intensify the last mile connections for new customers near to the existing grid in project áreas (LOT 9A, 9B & and 9C)
11-Nov-2019 GPN - Guinée Equatoriale - Projet d’Appui au Développement des Chaines de Valeurs du Secteur de la Pêche et de l’Aquaculture-PASPA
11-Nov-2019 EOI - Uganda - Consultancy Services for carrying out Design Review, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration of the upgrading of key road junctions, upgrading and dualling of major Kampala City road links - KCRRP
11-Nov-2019 AMI - Cabo Verde - Recrutementd’une firme pour l’élaboration de l’audit externe du projet - PNIEB - PROMEB
11-Nov-2019 AOI - Burundi - Projet Multinational d’Interconnexion des Réseaux Electriques des Pays Equatoriaux du Nil (PMIREL-PLEN), ligne électrique Kamanyola-Bujumbura
08-Nov-2019 AMI - Gabon - Responsable Administratif et Financier - PADEG
08-Nov-2019 AMI - CREPMF - Spécialiste des émissions obligataires destinées à la diaspora - PADMAFIR
08-Nov-2019 AMI - Gabon - Spécialiste en passation de marchés - PADEG
08-Nov-2019 AMI - CREPMF - Programme de renforcement de capacités des Intervenants Commerciaux du marché - PADMAFIR
08-Nov-2019 AMI - Gabon - Chargé de Suivi-Evaluation - PADEG
08-Nov-2019 AMI - CREPMF - Spécialiste des opérations de titrisation - PADMAFIR