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DAI Policy

The objective of the new Policy on Disclosure and Access to Information (DAI) is to provide a clear framework for ensuring greater awareness and understanding of the Bank’s development function and mission through public outreach, and providing better access to information, particularly on the Bank’s operations. Specifically, the new policy is designed to:

  • Maximise disclosure of information in the Bank Group’s possession and limit the list of exceptions;
  • Facilitate access and sharing of information on the Bank Group’s operations with a broad range of stakeholders;
  • Promote good governance, transparency, and accountability;
  • Improve implementation effectiveness and better co-ordinate the information disclosure process;
  • Give more visibility to the Bank Group’s mission, strategies and activities;
  • Support the Bank Group’s consultative process, and stakeholder participation in the implementation of projects financed by the Bank Group; and
  • Ensure harmonization with other Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) on disclosure of information.

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