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Development Effectiveness Review 2013 - Senegal


Senegal is at the forefront of developing public-private partnerships in infrastructure to promote structural transformation. Using its development resources to leverage private sector investment, it has launched a number of major infrastructure projects that will boost productive investment. This has enabled Senegal to proceed with ambitious investments in major transport infrastructure, improving its integration with the regional economy. By giving the country’s producers access to larger markets, these investments are key to achieving structural transformation and thus accelerating progress in the fight against poverty. Senegal is now sharing its expertise on public-private partnerships with other African countries. These ambitious reforms in Senegal can only be achieved through a strong tradition of peaceful democratic rule with successful elections. A stable democracy is the foundation for the national development agenda, giving the Government the legitimacy to proceed with its planned reforms. <br /> The Bank is committed to support the Government by introducing some important innovations to ensure that all of the Bank’s different resources – both financial and operational – work together to maximize development impact. Senegal is at the forefront with a substantial private sector portfolio that complements public sector operations. To support this portfolio, we have been combining our expertise in major transactions with initiatives to improve the national and regional institutions that are needed for the investments to be effective.

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