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Ethiopia - Taba Medium Earth Dam Irrigation Project - P-ET-AAG-018 - ESIA Summary


This report presents the environmental impacts and management plan of the proposed Taba medium scale earth dam irrigation project located at Taba River, within the Awebel Woreda, East Gojam Administrative Zone of the Amhara National Regional State. The major objective of the project is to use surface water resources of the East Gojam Zone of Awebel Woreda with an objective of bringing the area to be one of the major producer and supplier of cereals and vegetables to the local and national markets. Construction cost for the dam is estimated at ETB 164,020,426.40. As a prerequisite for sustainable development, EIA has become a major tool of environmental management and governance. The Proclamation №299 of 2002 of the country stipulates that no person shall commence implementation of a proposed project identified by directive as requiring EIA without first passing through environmental impact assessment process and obtaining authorization from the competent environmental agency. In this regard, Amhara Region Water, Irrigation and Energy Development Bureau (BoWIED) hired the consultancy firm, ADSWE to carry out this environmental impact assessment study.

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