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Senegal – Local Development Reform Support Programme Phase I (PARDL I) - Project Completion Report


PADRL mainly seeks to support the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE) and help create conditions for inclusive sustainable growth, particularly in rural areas. The goal announced in the report was to "Contribute to the creation of conditions conducive to robust, inclusive and sustained economic growth through increased decentralisation, improved multi-sector governance and the promotion of local entrepreneurship". To do that, decentralisation was to be strengthened and basic infrastructure built to allow the population better access to drinking water and electricity and to have access infrastructure (multi-sector governance). This was expected to reduce spatial inequalities and create conditions for better grassroots development – especially through the promotion of local entrepreneurship. This goal is perfectly aligned with the Emerging Senegal Plan and the implementation of Act III of decentralisation. Indeed, Thrust 3 of PSE (governance) notes that strengthening local government and community management through reforms envisaged in Act III of decentralisation, will help in the correction of spatial inequalities and development of viable territories. The relevance of the development objective was also highlighted in several Bank publications, especially the African Economic Outlook 2015 which analyses the degree to which spatial inequalities are reduced in the country and the positive impact of the creation of conditions for basic infrastructure necessary for inclusive development.

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