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Attribution de marché – Cabo Verde - Travaux d'extension et de modernisation du port Inglês

Projet d'extension et de modernisation des ports Inglês et de Palmeira

African Development Bank, Portugal and Cabo Verde sign compact to accelerate diversification, private sector development

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, 09 July, 2019 - The African Development Bank and the governments of Cabo Verde and Portugal have signed a country specific memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the Lusophone Compact, which aims to accelerate private sector development in Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa. The signing took place on Sal Island on 1 July, between Olavo Correia, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Cabo Verde, Helena de Paiva, Portugal’s Ambassador to Cabo Verde; and Moono Mupotola, the Bank’s Director for Regional Integration. It was witnessed by over...

AMI - CABO VERDE - Projet Pilote pour de Renforcement de L'employabilité et de L'insertion des Jeunes - Recrutement d’un Cabinet pour le Développement des Instruments de Communication et d'Image du Projet

Le Gouvernement de la République du Cabo Verde a reçu un don du Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement pour le co-financement du « Projet Pilote pour le Renforcement de l’Employabilité et de l’Insertion des Jeunes », et a l’intention d’utiliser une partie des sommes accordées pour financer le recrutement d’un cabinet pour le développement des instruments de communication et d'image du Projet.

West Africa Policy Notes - Note 3, Septembre 2015

The African Development Bank’s West Africa Department covers fourteen countries from Senegal to Benin. Its mission is to conduct dialogue with these countries, programme activities therein, allocate resources to various sectors of activity and define country-level and regional lending as well as work programmes. The Department’s main outputs are Economic and Sector Works, Country Strategies, Country Portfolio Performance Reviews, Country Economic Reviews. It also coordinates country portfolio management efforts, contributes to sector analytical works, supports regional organisations and...

Cape Verde - Electricity Transmission and Distribution Network Development Project - ESMP Summary

Cape Verde aims to concentrate the generation of electricity on each island through the installation of stronger power production points, thus putting an end to the operation of older plants that have become inefficient in terms of production and environmental friendliness. Concentrating production requires that transmission and distribution networks fully cover the different islands and that they guarantee high levels of reliability preventing or minimizing the duration of power outages.

Praia Airport Expansion and Modernization Project


African Development Bank Regional Economic Outlook: West Africa region to see mixed growth into 2020

Overall economic growth in West Africa is projected to be at 3.6 percent in 2019 and 2020, boosted by the recovery of commodity prices and improved production and service sectors in the region, although challenges and uneven performance would remain, the African Development Bank’s regional economic indicator report revealed. The Bank launched the 2019 Regional Economic Outlook for West Africa in Abuja on Tuesday, alongside the institution’s annual flagship report, the Africa Economic Outlook, which shows how regional integration can spur structural transformation and foster economic...

Mozambique: African Development Bank, Portugal and Mozambique sign MOU for “Lusophone compact” to accelerate private sector development

The African Development Bank and the governments of Mozambique and Portugal have signed a Mozambique-specific Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of the Lusophone Compact. The Lusophone Compact is a financing platform, involving the Bank, Portugal, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe, which provides risk mitigation, investment products and technical assistance to accelerate private sector development in Lusophone African countries. The signing which took place in Maputo, was witnessed by over 200 Mozambican and...

Visiting African Development Bank Governors from West Africa laud Bank’s transformative projects

Governors representing the African Development Bank West Africa region held consultative meetings with the institution’s President and senior management in Abidjan on Monday, where they took stock of the Bank’s accelerated engagement in the region. Three hundred and seventy transformative Bank projects valued at US $11.3 billion between 2010-2017, in the region, are changing lives and making a difference, the governors noted. These are the second annual consultative meetings, aimed at sharing views with the governors, after the first ever meetings in the history of the Bank...

Cabo Verde - Porto Ingles and Palmeira ports modernisation and expansion project - Appraisal Report

Given the geographical configuration of Cabo Verde, the development of maritime transport is crucial for the country. The significant tourism potential of Maio Island cannot be developed due to the poor performance of the Porto Inglês in Maio. Moreover, the investments made in Palmeira Port during the first two phases of maritime works, executed in 2010 and 2017, have not been profitable to date due to the limited capacity of the port's land infrastructure. Hence, the Government of Cabo Verde has requested the Bank to contribute to the financing of the project to expand and modernize Porto...

Cabo Verde: l’aéroport de Praia se modernise et dynamise l’économie de l’archipel

Dans sa stratégie globale de promotion de la croissance économique, le gouvernement de Cabo Verde a placé parmi ses priorités, le développement des infrastructures de transport du pays, en particulier ses infrastructures aéroportuaires ; une des cinq priorités érigées par la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) pour favoriser l’accroissement de la productivité et de l'activité économique du continent africain. Le gouvernement de Cabo Verde sait compter sur le soutien et l’assistance technique et financière de la Banque, en vue de l’accompagner dans l’atteinte des...

Multinational – Support to ECOWAS for Peace & Development (PADEP) - PCR


Cabo Verde - Private Sector Competitiveness and Local Economic Development Programme (PSC-LED) PHASE I

Management hereby submits the following proposal and recommendation to grant a loan of EUR 20 million to the Republic of Cabo Verde to finance the Private Sector Competitiveness and Local Economic Development Programme - Phase I (PSC-LED-I). PSC-LED-I is the first phase of a programme-based budget support operation covering fiscal years 2018 and 2019, with an overall indicative financing of EUR 40 million. PSC-LED-I presents the multi-annual framework of the programme and provides a list of reform measures considered as indicative triggers for the second phase (PSC-LED-II). The programme-...

Cabo Verde - Porto Inglês And Palmeria Ports Expansion And Modernisation Project – ESIA Summary

This document is a summary of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the Porto Inglês and Palmeira Ports Modernisation and Expansion Project in Cabo Verde. It covers the works executed in these ports as well as the ancillary infrastructure (see project description for details). An ESIA as well as an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) were prepared by Motaengil in English in 2016 for the expansion of Palmeira Port (phases 1 and 2) and another ESIA was prepared by Consulmar in Portuguese in August 2017 for the Maio Port. Following comments from the Ministry of...

Water project in Cabo Verde saves communities, transforms livelihoods of women

A water irrigation and supply system funded by the African Development Bank has transformed the lives of rural farming communities in Cabo Verde’s Santiago Island, sparing farmers grueling treks of up to 20 kilometres to fetch water for farming and daily use. Santiago Island, Cabo Verde’s largest and most important agricultural centre, depends on water for its survival, but for years had been beset by endemic water shortages. Traditionally women, who make up a significant percentage of farmers, were hardest hit by the shortfall in supply. The Lopes family are typical farmers hailing...

Remarks by Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, President, Africa Development Bank at the 12th Conference of Heads of State and Governments of the Community of Portuguese Languages Countries, held at Santa Maria, Sal, Cabo Verde, July 17-18, 2018

Your Excellencies, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to join you here today to witness the signing of the Declaration on the “Development Financing Compact for Lusophone Countries”. To properly enter my registration code, therefore, let me say: Estou muito feliz por estar aqui Espero que isso seja o suficiente para me tornar membro da CPLP. Today is an auspicious day for the African Development Bank, for Lusophone countries of Africa, the Governments of Portugal and Brazil and the entire CPLP countries. The CPLP countries have huge potential....

Sauce Arachide (viande de brousse) avec foutou banane

A key characteristic of the Republic of Cabo Verde in climatic terms is its very high level of water stress. Indeed, the country’s climate is characterized by very low rainfall (230 mm/year on average) with high intensities and poor temporal and spatial distribution. With the exception of desalinized sea water, the water resources used for various purposes come essentially from ground water. Ground water is used preferentially for DWS and surface water for agriculture. In a situation of insufficient ground water, desalinized sea-water is also used for DWS. This situation puts pressure on...

West Africa Policy Notes - Note 02, June 2015

The West Africa Department The West Africa Department covers 14 West African Countries from Senegal to Benin. The Department’s responsibilities include country dialogue, programming of the Bank’s activities in these countries as well as allocation of country resources among sectors activities; country and regional lending and work programs. The main deliverables for the Regional Department are: Economic & Sector Studies (ESW), Country Strategies, Country Portfolio Reviews, coordination of country portfolio management, Country Economic Reviews, contributions to sector analytical work,...

Blue Economy: Cape Verde wins SEFA grant to develop revolutionary wave-powered desalination system

Cape Verde was awarded a US $930,000 grant by the African Development Bank-hosted Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) on December 21, 2015 to develop the world’s first wave-driven desalination system. Wave2O™, to be located in Praia Grande, Cape Verde, will operate completely “off-grid” and supply more than 48,000 people with clean fresh water at a competitive cost. The system is expected to have a capacity of 4,000 m3/day of water and will eliminate 5,400 metric tons of CO2 per year. Resolute Marine Energy (RME) Cape Verde, a subsidiary of the US-based RME and the company which will...

Cabo Verde : Projet de gestion des bassins versants