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African Development Bank at COP25

The Bank has, through its climate change action plan (CCAP), made important commitments to integrate climate considerations across its operations and to scale up its climate investments in African countries. As such, COP provides a critical opportunity for engagement by the Bank to advance its climate change objectives.

Similar to previous COPs and in line with its CCAP, the Bank’s participation in COP25 aims to increase its visibility within the global climate change community, mobilize additional resources for climate funds and facilities, support efforts to strengthen the African voice in the climate change negotiations, capitalize on its efforts and experience in promoting climate-compatible development in Africa and strengthen its pipeline of climate change projects as well as its partnership with key climate funds and other strategic partners.



The Bank participates in COP25 with the following objectives:

  • Raising the visibility of the Bank as a leader on climate change issues, and showcasing the work that it is doing across multiple sectors and geographies to invest in and catalyze the low-carbon, climate-resilient development of the African continent, in line with its High 5 priorities and long-term strategy.
  • Building and strengthening partnerships and relationships with key actors to promote climate-resilient and low-carbon development in Africa in line with the CCAP.
  • Acquiring and sharing knowledge and experience that will promote learning and ensure the Bank stays at the cutting edge of the latest developments on climate change and climate finance to inform its work. 
  • Resource mobilization: Engaging actual and potential donors in line with the Bank’s objectives, including to mobilize resources for the Bank’s various climate-related trust funds. 
  • Advocacy and support: Supporting our regional member countries to engage in an informed and effective manner in the negotiations through support to the African group of negotiators and through advocacy for positions that advance the interests of our regional member countries in the negotiations and beyond.


MDB Pavilion

The Bank contributes to a joint pavilion in collaboration with the other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) at the COP25, which will ensure a strong and visible presence of the Bank, ensure that the Bank is part of a united front by MDBs to showcase our joint commitment to combatting climate change, and strengthen our partnership with our sister MDBs. The joint pavilion provides a space for networking and meeting with strategic partners, and will include an auditorium for side events.

The Bank organises eight side events (of 60 to 90 minutes each).

Agenda of Bank’s side events