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Mali - Socio-Economic Reintegration Support Project for the Population of Northern Mali - Appraisal report


Since the signing of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali following the Algiers Process, development activities have resumed in the North of Mali with the implementation of the Malian Government’s Agenda for the gradual restoration of the administration.In addition,many refugees and internally-displaced persons (IDPs) are returning to their areas of residence. The Socio-economic Reintegration Support Project for the Population of Northern Mali (PARSEP-NM) is aimed at assisting the Government to: (i) ensure the socio-economic reintegration of the population of the North and Centre by restoring basic social services; and (ii) build capacity and boost socio-economic activities.The total project cost,which will be implemented over a four-year period,is estimated at UA 10.5 million. It will be financed with UA 8.098 million Transition Support Fund (TSF)grant, a UA 1.902 million African Development Fund (ADF)grant,and UA 0.5 million contribution by the Government of the Republic of Mali. The main project beneficiaries,estimated at 635000 people,are highly vulnerable populations in the northern regions (Kidal, Gao, Timbuktu, Ménaka and Taoudéni),as well as those in two regions of the Centre (Mopti and Segou), particularly women, youths, internally-displaced persons, former refugees,and the vulnerable population that stayed behind.

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